Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mask Mixed Media Painting 02/02/10 - Daily Painters Blog - Abstract Futurist Figurative Painting - Original Oil and Acrylic Art - Painting a Day by Northern California Artist Mark A. Webster

Daily Painters Blog - Mask Mixed Media Painting 02/02/10 - Abstract Futurism - Daily Painting Blog - Original Oil and Acrylic Artwork by Artist Mark Webster. 8x10" Oil and Acrylic (Mixed Media) on Canvas. To view more paintings visit http://blog.websterwebart.com/ or http://www.websterwebart.com/.Price:$150.00 - FREE US SHIPPING (please feel free to contact me about international shipping)

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Daily Painters Blog - Original Oil and Acrylic Art - Painting a Day by California Artist Mark A. Webster
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  1. Great composition Mark I really love your work! Thanks for sharing.